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We provide a full range of design services. Our team of experts work closely with our clients to realise their visions, desires and requirements, combining years of knowledge and local experience to ensure quality
all-round, from design concept and technical precision to schedule performance and cost efficiency.


At The Room we see each architectural project as a possibility to construct environments that fulfill human needs. Our architects remain committed to and inspired by Cambodian tradition and its wonderful wealth of natural materials, yet our innovative design solutions rooted in the present and future are breathing life and imagination into the country’s growing design-conscious community. We create striking visual landmarks across Cambodia’s urban landscape that are at once functional, commercial as well as sustainable, and over ten years have built a solid local identity through bold commercial and city spaces, community-focused offices, stylish private residences and luxurious hotels and resorts.

Interior Design

The Room recognises that at the core of any interior space are the people that experience it – human-centred interior design blends functionality, efficiency and aesthetics to not only transform how built environments behave but how its occupants behave in them. Memorable and meaningful spaces are habitable and comfortable, and can shape and enhance the stories that are told through them day by day. For commercial practices, our designers take care to place branding at the core of this experience to aid overall performance. By collaborating with and supporting local artists, artisans and other suppliers as well as prioritising local materials where possible, our spaces capture the values of a modern, growing Cambodia.

Project Management

We offer management services that can handle the heavy lifting for each stage of a project. Our comprehensive local knowledge, built over years of operating in Cambodia, and stand-out technical expertise ensure smooth delivery from inception to completion. At the early stage this process involves reviewing and revising building plans to meet design standards as well as appropriate regulations, preparing contracts with contractors and assisting with cost and time estimates. We perform regular site visits to establish quality control and expectations and to monitor overall progress and deadlines.


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