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The Room Design Studio is an international architecture and interior design company founded in Cambodia in 2008. We deliver cutting-edge architecture for a broad spectrum of areas – from residential, commercial, and hospitality projects to community and social schemes – with a driving ideology to promote sustainable design that combines with local vernacular.

Our human-centred spaces weave the needs of a rapidly-evolving nation and its cultural heritage with a forward-thinking philosophy, transforming Cambodia's urban and natural landscape and pushing the country into the global, modern present.

Modern and memorable human spaces

The Room works in close collaboration with local and international clients to provide bespoke architectural, interior design and project management services. Our ambition is to question, reimagine and improve time-honoured conventions to create cleaner, better functioning and more compelling human spaces that serve both our clients and the people that occupy them.

A city for the future, conceived today

As a voice for change in urban planning, we want to upend and reassemble the way we work, the way we learn, the way we live. Since 2008 our team of architects and designers have carried outspoken visions from conception to completion to eventually decorate the urban landscape in Phnom Penh and beyond, from commercial projects to much-needed community spaces. In 2018 our City for Women was a runner up in Building Trust International’s global Affordable Housing Design Challenge.

Shaping standards for Cambodian design

One of the first practices established in Cambodia, The Room stands out in its dedication to setting new benchmarks in the country for quality design and technical expertise. Working with important international clients such as the United Nations has required us to adapt strict international regulations for a Cambodian context to meet key environmental, safety and structural standards.

Outspoken creations from local and international experts

Our constantly expanding international team makes for a vibrant and creative workplace in the heart of Phnom Penh. In the office we use seven languages, with members of our team coming from Cambodia, Sweden, Poland, France, the Philippines, Japan and China.


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