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Industrial, clean, timeless elegance

The office design for this iconic fashion brand celebrates endless creativity and exceptional craftsmanship. Inspired by both raw materials and the finished products, we embody the brand by playing with visual elements of its identity, including leather, square shapes, equestrian elements and orange accents. The office space lies somewhere in between the industrial yet clean look of the brand’s factories, the timeless elegance of the residential interiors, and the bold, colourful and surreal scenes displayed in the showrooms, runways and exhibits. 

Yet instead of attempting to compete with the creatives that give life to the brand, we wanted to give the office room to breathe. As a space where people spend most of their time, the focus should also be on the people, more than the showcase of the brand itself. The office should be functional and clean, yet livable and comfortable, like a second home. The space as a whole uses simple language – the calm, elegant ambience of the reception complements the industrial feel of the office space, and the town hall sits in between the two, combining both an exposed ceiling and wood floor. Where the brand’s furniture is used, other pieces are chosen deliberately so they do not compete with their designs. The square motif appears again in the office area, where the private offices are conceived as glass boxes with squared partitions. The switchable smart glass system gives workers access to instant privacy, switching from clear to translucent through an electrical input.


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