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A new beginning #MakeItHappenKH

19 October, 2021 | By The Room Architecture and Design

So, here we are. It’s October already. We have measured out the days with coffee spoons, and by our count the end of the year will hit us sooner than we expect. 

We all need to remember to take a breath sometimes. Our work has always been hectic – COVID didn’t change that – and sometimes fresh air is needed for fresh inspiration.   

We are using this moment to stop and reflect, not only on the year and a half that changed the world but the past decade in which we’ve given a little piece of ourselves to Cambodia. To say a lot has happened is not saying much. 

As Cambodia’s cities were reshaped through architecture, we did our bit. We’ve set new standards for quality design. We’ve made a name for ourselves as the technical expert that doesn’t cut corners. We’ve dared to ask for change.  

Now, it’s time to refocus. We’ve sat down and thought about what we want from the future, both for our company and for the country. We’ve discussed and disagreed and argued and grumbled over cakes and cappuccinos. Asking the right questions can be just as important as the answers: to ask, ‘what more can we do?’, ‘what more should we do?’, ‘what more will we do?’.  

Our vision is for cleaner, smarter, stronger communities for not only Cambodia but the wider region too.

That’s why, in the spirit of change, we too are making a few adjustments.   

We have officially moved office, swapping the corporate life in Phnom Penh’s Toul Tom Poung for a boutique studio setting in Tonle Bassac. We are also marking a new decade by shifting our name from The Room Design Studio to The Room Architecture and Design, or just The Room for short.

In our latest campaign, we’re celebrating turning points by unpacking this vision for the future. We’ll hear from our CEO Pawel Siudecki and Interior Design Director Christlinne Briones as well as the rest of the young talent that form the heart of the team. We’ll provide bite-sized practical guides that will help get your architecture or design project off the ground in Cambodia. All this and much more. 

Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at our practice and for a preview of what’s to come.   

It’s a time to ask questions, a time to reject the status quo, a time for grand ambition and grander ideas – a time to make things happen.  

That’s enough for now. Here’s to new beginnings.  



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