Siargao Community Market

Finalist, Rebuilding Siargao

Our design for this market on the Philippine island of Siargao was a finalist in the international architectural competition hosted by NGO Lokal Lab to rebuild the community structure that was destroyed by the devastating Super Typhoon Odette last December 2021. 

The challenge: to build the island back stronger

Markets are the heart of day-to-day life anywhere. Social initiatives like these give us the opportunity to do our part to build healthier, climate-resilient spaces for people to live, work and enjoy and for communities to thrive in the years to come.

Inspired by the Filipino typology of bahay na bato, a “house of stone”, we combine strength and permeability in our design to provide a safe refuge for the community of Burgos in times of need while ensuring the market is open, accessible and welcoming to the public. Stone provides a strong, secure base for the ground floor while a lightweight timber structure for the upper floor allows harsh winds to pass through.

Community members will be involved in building the structure from beginning to end, and will design detailed elements such as the window shutters and doors as well as the artwork, helping to forge a sense of connection and pride between the market and the local people. The material palette is simple and honest and incorporates familiar materials that local people will have worked with before, including concrete blocks, coco timber and galvanised steel sheets. The non-complex construction system of walls, beams and posts takes into account that the work will be provided by both unskilled and skilled labour.

Around the site there are a number of amenities that community members, market vendors and sellers from the karinderya, or food stalls, can make use of. A fruit orchard with papaya, mango and mangosteen trees not only provides year-round food but also shades the south facade of the building, where the people from the karinderya can sit and eat. A community garden and food store are located on the southeast corner of the site to make the best use of the sunlight. Here people can learn how to garden and to make food in a sustainable manner. The food store also acts as a drying structure, where fish, vegetables and fruit can be kept and either used by the locals or the karinderya or sold in the market. There are several small concrete installations on the northern edge of the site, which can be used as benches for people to sit and appreciate the view of the ocean and the hills behind as well as stalls for vendors to sell their wares.


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