Sathapana Bank

Embodying order, reliability, stability

For this project The Room was tasked to revitalise the design identity of six branches of one of Cambodia’s leading banks, Sathapana. Our concept grew from the understanding that contemporary banks are no longer functional spaces, with money itself becoming less and less of a physical object, rather a place to build relationships between customers and a brand. Our designs allow for an easy and comfortable flow of people through the space, while careful choice of materials are able to reflect the essence of the Sathapana brand and the values of a modern financial institution fit for a rapidly developing Cambodia. 

The facade of the Chamkarmon branch, which was recently completed, is kept clean and minimal yet is immediately recognisable from the imposing symmetry and repeating patterns. This is achieved through angular ventilation blocks and perforated bright metal mesh, which embody a sense of order, reliability and stability. 

In the interior space, the ground floor offers conventional banking services while the first floor is reserved for premium customers. A careful layout, with clear signage, is designed to minimise waiting times and ensure the customer’s journey is as smooth and as hassle-free as possible. Traditional barriers are removed to not only make the space more open and flexible, but reduce the formal distance between customer and teller. The balance of openness and necessary privacy is achieved by playing with acoustic elements, incorporating geometric lines and contrasting colours as well as using semi-transparent partitions such as frosted glass. 

For the premium area, a mini bar, stylish marble and cosy furniture make for a living room atmosphere to keep customers coming back.


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