Kep Villa

This Kep Villa is designed to fit snugly into the beautiful coastal gem of a town in which it will stand. Enclosed by the vast heritage and endless seascape of Kep province, the residence is an ideal weekend getaway for the owner and her four dogs as well as visiting guests.

The plot itself offers lovely views of Kep beach and the sea beyond as well as the hills behind it, while the surrounding land is occupied by farmers or left unused. The property is organised according to the functional needs of the client while sculpting itself within the tranquil scenery and fishing culture, understood here through the town’s delightful collection of old piers and wooden boats. A walkway leading from the road travels over a swimming pool towards the foyer of the house. A central garden and hallway, as well as the first floor terrace above it, split the property horizontally into public areas at the front and semi-private and private areas at the back. Similarly, a small green courtyard and staircase split the house vertically. The overall arrangement aims to resemble two boats parked alongside a wooden dock.

A sloping roof completely covered in greenery not only absorbs the architecture into the landscape but helps keep the view unspoiled from the upstairs balcony. The green roof also provides a rainwater buffer and regulates the indoor temperature. For privacy, security and noise reduction, as well as to let the cooling sea breeze flow through the structure, tall trees are planted around the house.

Climate conscious elements are used to improve energy efficiency and the quality of the indoor environment and to address the tropical heat. The design pays attention to cross ventilation and solar controls, including shading devices and double-glazed windows. The layout is kept open in a kind of Spanish style that incorporates a courtyard garden in the centre of the house. Underground water tanks store rainwater, abundant in this region, which is then pumped to the swimming pool and used for other purposes like irrigation. Natural or recycled materials are chosen for their durability and ability to withstand erosion, high temperatures and high humidity.

High ceilings offer good indoor air ventilation, skylights in the living spaces provide additional brightness, while all the rooms that would be used on a daily basis are sea-facing. South-facing folding glass doors that open up to the landscape mean the ground floor can transition between an exterior and interior space with ease. To the north, a circular window in the master bedroom overlooks the backyard garden of the house.


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