A Forever Home

A lively home to host family, friends and important guests

The architectural language for this grand residential property combines two opposing forces, interplaying between letting light and air into the building and sheltering the view inside from neighbours in adjacent properties. As a structure that will be both a safe and secure home fit for multiple generations as well as a lively spot to host family, friends and other important guests, the usage of flow, transparency and seclusion are the main drivers behind this residential design. 

Public areas that can be used for hosting are kept separate from private quarters to encourage visitors while maintaining a sense of personal space for residents. Sun paths and wind direction also inform the structure to ensure there is sufficient ventilation, to keep temperatures down and to provide plenty of natural light inside. The strategic placement of greenery, including a tree standing in the middle of the central spiral staircase, helps to orient inhabitants and creates a sense of openness while retaining privacy.


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